With artist Simon Berger and TERRE DES FEMMES activist Romy Stangl for THJINK Munich.

The preparation for the next fight first and foremost is a mental process.

a photo series documenting the Covid-19 lockdown in the bavarian town of Kempten.

a photo series about the climbing brothers Moritz and Philipp Hans.

alternative pop band – portrait series

A collection of photographs I shot on location during some of my past productions.

A documentary series about the everyday life of american and chilean flyfishing guides in Patagonia.

Strangers caught in a moment of solitude.

shot during the production of the film “TIMO – all it takes is all you’ve got”. The story of Timo Schwarzkopf. A kosovar refugee who decided to dedicate his life to be a professional Boxer.

shot during the production of the film “ALL THE WAY”

light, shadow, color, composition