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On July 3rd 2022 the reigning ELF-Champion, the Frankfurt Galaxy plays against the Raiders Tyrol, the 2021 Austrian Football League Champion from Innsbruck. This is a big game for American Football in Europe, it represents a new Era, setting a new standard. Two teams at the top of their game meet the first time at the Tivoli Stadium Tyrol and fight for the top of the ELF Central Conference to earn their spot in the playoffs.

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Frankfurt vs Innsbruck, The Galaxy vs The Raiders


Our film shows both teams preparing for the big game. Different scenes and moments of practice and workouts are cut together in an alternating way, emphasising the level of competition between the teams and building tension through striking visuals and music. 

We add sequences of the empty Tivoli Stadium in darkness to create a feeling of space and anticipation for the game, the big stage is waiting for both teams to come in and show what they are about. 


In the beginning of the film we show individual players working on their craft. The QBs do footwork drills, pocket awareness, avoiding the rush, throwing on the run. A lineman works on the takle dummy, runs a 3 cone drill. The first scenes are captured in a calm and steady way, showing the process of a workout. The players are focused on themselves and the details of their workout.

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After the first individual practice scenes we show more and more players practicing together, communicating, working on timing, coaches come in, motivate and criticise. The pieces start to fit together, the visual style gets more dynamic the camera moves with players and never comes to a stop, underlining the physicality and speed of the game. We still show these sequences of the two different teams in an alternating way. Through editing we can show Galaxy Receivers running routes against Raiders Cornerbacks, the Raiders QB reading linebackers and safeties of the Galaxy. At the end of the practice sequences we show the teams huddling up.

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In the last scene we show several key players in full Game Uniform in the locker room or the tunnel, 100% focussed, ready to take the field. The crowd noise muffled through the concrete of Tivoli Stadium in Innsbruck.


JULY 3rd 2022



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